About Us

Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital strives to be the premiere behavioral health inpatient and outpatient provider for adolescents 12-17 years of age and adults 18 and older struggling with a mental health crisis. Conveniently located in Meridian, Idaho, this beautiful 92-bed facility provides a safe and supportive environment for the treatment of complex mental health issues. Using a highly-skilled interdisciplinary team model led by a board-certified Psychiatrist, treatment for every patient is individualized and focused on stabilization and coordinated discharge to one of our many community partners.

Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital is unique from other Acute Inpatient Programs because of our:

  • Knowledgeable teams of specialty providers, including but limited to, Board-Certified Psychiatrists, nurses and specialized clinicians.
  • Integrated systems that allow for the individuals we serve to have a seamless transition from inpatient to intensive outpatient services.
  • Commitment to serving individuals with a treatment-resistant diagnosis and helping improve their quality of life.
  • Emphasis on quality in the services we provide and the importance we place on the safety of the individuals we serve.


Our mission is to provide high-quality, specialty behavioral health services and improve the communities, families and lives of those we serve.


Our values are excellence, stewardship, passion and respect.


Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital its doors in January of 2019 in Meridian, Idaho. At that time, it had 170 employees at year end, had 72 beds available, and had successfully admitted 1,689 adults into its hospital at year end. Within 3 months of opening, Cottonwood had expanded its services to include an Intensive Outpatient Services clinic within the hospital facility and acquired the Joint Commission for Behavioral Hospital’s Gold Seal for quality standards and practices.

In 2020, Cottonwood grew its employee base to 199 at year end (despite the pandemic and a national shortage of nurses, and a statewide shortage of psychiatrists and mental health counselors), and increased its admissions by 39% to a total of 2,779. In 2020, Cottonwood increased in bed capacity to 92 and began admitting adolescents to the hospital. The hospital also began accepting Medicaid patients.

In 2021, Cottonwood grew to 216 employees and opened its Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) suite, adding yet another treatment option for a complex-need patient population struggling with mental health. In 2021, the hospital broke another record by admitting a total of 3,207 adolescents and adults into care, a 13% increase from the previous year’s record.

In 2022, Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital & Wellness Center successfully supported 3,455 admissions of adolescents and adults (an increase of 7% from the record setting year prior), completed 4,360 Intensive Outpatient visits, and 917 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) sessions. Cottonwood ended its year with a record high 228 employees, opened a new location in Boise for Intensive Outpatient Services, and brought on Spravato (nasal ketamine) as a new interventional psychiatric service for complex need patient populations.

Today, Cottonwood Creek Behavioral is the preferred provider of choice throughout the Treasure Valley for acute inpatient mental healthcare and intensive outpatient services. In May of 2023, Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital was recognized by Haven Behavioral Health, its corporate affiliate, for the highest overall performance of its hospitals. This is the most prestigious award for the organization and was selected by data measuring quality, service delivery and overall performance excellence of our hospital operations.